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Design Challenge

How to provide uplift privileges to first responders to address all potential or existing emergency response situations where access to uninterrupted reliable communications is critical.


Client Sponsor, Lead Project Manager, Technical Service Manager, Product Owner, Product Analyst Technical Functional Architects


Adobe XD, Axure, Keynote

How I solved the challenge?

  1. Understand the business requirements through kick off, purpose and vision process.

  2. Perform research about the users, create personas, context, technology through work sessions.

  3. Scape the story, generalize the concept, prepare customer journey map and create lo-fi wires on a whiteboard, sketches.

  4. Refine the concepts into multiple user tasks, iterate multiple times, create a prototype.

  5. Perform usability testing, and create higher fidelity wires including a responsive framework.

  6. Prepare redlines for developers and initiate development lifecycle.

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